12ga Ranger 870 Magnum 12" Ghost Ring

Ranger 870 Shorty.jpg
Ranger 870 Shorty.jpg

12ga Ranger 870 Magnum 12" Ghost Ring


The All New Ranger 870 Magnum Shorty Pump Action Shotgun with Ghost Ring Sights

The Ranger 870 Magnum series of shotguns are modelled after the Remington 870 and are finished in matte black parkerised finish which helps prevent rust.

This is the 12" short barrel version fitted with Adjustable Ghost Ring Sights. The ghost ring sights help in acquiring your target faster. This handy little gun is legal for all standard firearms licence holders.

This model is similar to the Remington 870 shotgun used in the Batman Dark Night Movie by the bank manager. (This is syn and that was wood.)

The receiver is milled from a solid billet of steel for strength and durability, and the twin action bars insure smooth, reliable non-binding action as you pump the fore end just to name a few of the great features.

Steel shot and solid slug compatible.

Factory specs
* Ranger 870 Magnum
* 12 gauge
* 2,3/4" & 3" Chamber
* Cyl Choke
* 4+1 shot magazine capable of taking an extension
* 3.1kg
* Synthetic stock and fore end
* Parkerised finish
* Overall Length 810mm
* Made in China

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