Ranger AR15 1-Piece Detachable Mount


Ranger AR15 1-Piece Detachable Mount


The Ranger AR15 1 piece Detachable Mount

This is perfect for mounting your scope forward on your AR-style rifle. The Proper Eye Position Mount provides 2" of forward scope positioning room which will allow you to obtain proper eye relief and maintain a proper shooting position. The rings also feature Pica tinny tops which allow you to mount additional accessories. Three locking screws on each ring ensures maximum lock for zero movement. Suitable for all standard 1” scopes.

Weight: 8.3 oz
Height: 1.0" (from rail to bottom of scope ring)
Height: 2.44" (from rail to middle of scope rings)
Width: 1.60" (rings)
Length: 4.17" (front of front ring to back of rear ring)
Length: 2.15" (between rings)

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